Checking the construction and fastening systems for unusual movements, corrosion centers, loose fasteners. Checking the earthing elements, operating efficiency and connections to the structure. Checking boxes, enclosures, buildings and fences. Repairs of all damaged items


Comprehensive testing of photovoltaic modules for damage and defects. Checking cracks, gaps in the entire surface of the module. Output signal test for modules that may have cracks, oxidation busbars, busbar discoloration or excessive heating. Replacing defective photovoltaic panels.


Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring from the point of view of IT systems. SCADA analysis together with the search for non-standard behavior in the farm infrastructure in order to capture potential low productivity points, potential damages at the level of individual panel clusters, inverters, voltage networks and other


Inspections of the annual or fixed time maintenance schedule of inverters, replacing damaged or indicating malfunction inverters, software updates, maintaining stability communication and solving inverter communication problems, cleaning inverters.



Control of electrical boxes for the presence of water, moisture, insects. Check wiring for cracks, interruptions, overheating, arcing, short circuits or gaps. Analysis of thermal imaging cameras for losses in the installation. Checking connections in the installation. Checking the resistance, condition of batteries, transformers.


Comprehensive field service on which PV farms are built, mowing grasses and weeds, cutting trees and shrubs, controlling dust and dirt located on the matrixes of the PV panels, cleaning the matrixes of the PV panels, removing snow from PV panel matrices and necessary communication routes farm